Thin hair + big face

Thin hair and big face, our major concern on styling.  Which are also key facts to make you look photogenic.

Unfortunately, in the photos, thin hair looks thinner, big face looks even bigger.  Thus I include this topic in the Advance Hairstyling Course.

Some clients emailed me after my post regarding Taiwan styles, she found that the hairstyles she chose is a quite “Taiwan” and worry if she will look good with them.
Taiwan styles are a bit over, a bit dramatic, but those styles with big hair and strong makeup can help your face look smaller.  We have to give and take, or get the balance for the styles with suitable faces.  This is an good example:

Model – Karen always complains her big face in photo, and never image that she can have such kind of thick hair after styling:

Above are non-makeup photos to show how hairstyling helps on correcting face shape.  I’m sure Karen will look even prettier after makeup,and thanks for your continuous support!

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