Love and hate on Invisalign

After half year, I almost in the middle stage of the teeth straightening.

As promised in the last related post, I will talk more and keep everybody update on my situation.

Love first, they are really invisible, since I need to change one aligner for every 2 weeks, there’s nearly no speical feelings/pains, just a bit tight when change a new one, it totally won’t affect my daily life.

Invisible of course, unless I tell my friends or clients, nobody noticed.

Then the hate…
Since my jaw is relatively small, 8 teeth had already been taken out during my first straightening treatment when I was young.  Now, in order to cope with my overcrowded teeth, some of them had to be trimmed in this treatment.  In addition, the teeth cleavages collect what I ate after every meal, I always feel my mouth is dirty inside and need to use dental floss 2-3 times a day.

I suspect that I  tend to avoid chewing, so as to prevent food stuck in the teeth cleavages.  I got stomach pain after wearing the aligners.

Invisalign emphasis the aligner trays are made of smooth and comfortable plastic.  Maybe I’m not the lucky one, I changed over 20 aligners since March, most of them have sharp edges, or didn’t file well.  In a couple occasions, I had to go back to my dental clinic to fix it.  Luckily that the dental clinic is not far away from my office, but still, it is not convenience.

Please see the circled below:

Even the tiny sharp edges can hurt me, or after talking for few hours, my tongue bloted.

The treatment costs over 40K, I’m disappointed by Invisalign’s QC.

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